New Logo, New Site, New Everything!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally done some upgrading around here. The Portfolio is only partially complete, and there are a number of dead links and known bugs still abound, but things are looking good enough that it was time to just go ahead and launch the thing! Lots of plans in the works too. Tutorials, free motion graphics resources and more. Leave a comment and let us know what you think so far!

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My name is Justin Metz and I'm a freelance motion graphics designer. I started back in 2004 as a personal blog and portfolio site. We are now a collective of motion and sound designers from around the world.

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  1. Hi. I just watch your explosion video. your comments said you were making a tutorial for it. is that true? Also, am I the first to comment your site? If so… FIRST. : )

    • Hey jared5000! Why yes… yes I do plan on making a tutorial for that video (and others). If you haven’t already, subscribe or friend me on youtube and you’ll see it as soon as I post it. And yes, you are the ‘first’ to comment (at least on this new version of the website), and that’s an honor that no one can ever take away from you. Congrats! ;)

  2. hey. when is the tut coming out? sub 4 sub? thanks

  3. Hi Justin!
    Long long time… Ha! I’m doing a website too. A few. Wow- you been doing this workup a long time since 2004? Hope all is well in Spain! Maybe we can share ideas on website building (problems with links etc.). I’m using a Pro site builder. later, Dee (uh – #3 commenter? Ha!)

    btw~ links to FaceBook and Twitter not working!


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Recent Work

  • isg-thumb
    In Sixth Gear

    Part of a motion graphics package, this ident was made for In Sixth Gear (ISG), a sport and luxury car related blog, online store and now internet video channel.

  • macmillan-thumb

    This motion graphics ident was created for the MacMillan Publishing group (UK) for their educational video series.

  • kalliance-thumb
    K Alliance

    This motion graphics ident was part of a complete broadcast package created for K Alliance, an online e-learning company.

  • tatv-thumb
    McGraw-Hill: TakeawayTV

    Over a year in the making, this clip is a short example of the ident, supers and other elements created for a 60 episode English language learning series for the renowned publishing house, McGraw-Hill.

  • reddit-thumb

    After a conversation with admin Erik Martin (hueypriest), we offered to put together a quick little intro for reddit’s “ask me anything” video series.

  • videmic-thumb

    This ident/promo was created for a self produced web show staring Karina Stenquist (formerly of Mobuzz fame) called Videmic.